About Us

The Prague Wanderer, launched March 9, 2007, is a Webzine dedicated to showcasing the writing of students attending New York University in Prague. The articles featured on our site were written for one of several journalism classes at NYU in Prague or solicited from the student body by The Prague Wanderer Team. We write “Team” because that is how we work, as a voluntary team of interns and a journalism instructor juggling classes, travel and taking in the wonders of the Czech capital and Central Europe. 

Students are here for only one semester, two at the most, before returning to New York University in or another university they are attending in the United States.

The writing in The Prague Wanderer is meant to reflect the students’ best attempts to chronicle their time abroad and to reflect on aspects of Czech and European life that have piqued their interest.

A respect for difference and an understanding that foreign guests have an obligation to challenge their prejudices by seeing the world through the eyes of others is a core criterion when evaluating submissions. Happy wandering! 


Sam Corbett

Editor-in-Chief: Sam Corbett


Web-Editor Carolina Sanchez
Web Editor: Carolina Sanchez
Managing Editor Julia Grunewald
Managing Editor: Julia Grunewald
Photo Editor Meghan O'Connell
Photo Editor: Meghan O’Connell
Photo Editor Emily Mathis
Photo Editor: Emily Mathis
Top Ten Editor Julie Moody
Top Ten Editor Julie Moody
Feature Editor Casey Glynn
Feature Editor: Casey Glynn
Rebecca Weinstein

News Editor: Rebecca Weinstein

Journalism Advisor Dinah Spritzer
Journalism Advisor: Dinah Spritzer

To contact any of the staff, please write to praguewanderer@gmail.com

Special thanks to:
Thea Favaloro, deputy director, NYU in Prague; Leah Gaffen, students´ affairs coordinator; NYU in Prague; Martina Faltova, PIDEC administrator, NYU in Prague; Jitka Kalasova, internship coordinator, NYU in Prague; Rob Cameron, BBC correspondent and radio journalism instructor, NYU in Prague; Veronika Bednarova Peimer, journalist for Reflex magazine and travel writing instructor, NYU in Prague; all of the Resident Assistants at NYU in Prague, the Founding Wanderers of NYU Prague, Spring 2007: April Antonellis, Megan Stride, Nicholas DeRenzo,  Myla Arumugam,  Joshua Barajas,  Simon  Franzini and Kyle Kolb; and all those who came after: Jessica Kalafut, Casey Dean, Billy O’Hare, Gia Castellano, Will Sabel Courtney, Megan Cruz, Eileen Tang, Brenae Leary, Angela McCrory, Lyndsey Matthews, Ashley Knierim, Paulina Bucko, Catlin Myers, Dene-Hern Chen, Elise Dellinger, Isadora Lapowsky, Joanna Bettelheim, Melinda Hsia, Tatiana Gumuchdjian, Cecilia Turner, and Abigail Fried.


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